Board Position Descriptions

Timbercrest Committee Chair Positions

Financial Review Committee                                                             

These three volunteers will work with the treasurer to balance the financial books. Individuals should have a general knowledge of reconciliation procedures (but anyone can learn). This is a twice yearly event. 

Awards Committee

Two members promote nominations for Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator then select a recipient from the nominations submitted. Awards are purchased and announcement/presentation is at the Awards Ceremony at TMS in June.

Emergency Preparedness and Safety

Advocate and liaison for the local PTA board, building staff/administration, and parents. Main job is to help coordinate the emergency supplies the students need at school. Observe drills and provide feedback. Assist TMS Staff Emergency Preparedness Team which consists of the Vice Principal and 2 Staff Members. We have monthly meetings to discuss what is needed at the school for emergency preparedness. The PTA Emergency Prep coordinator assists where needed.


Grants Chair

This position reports to the treasurer.  Teachers and staff submit grant requests for the Board to consider.  It is primarily a fall activity, with most of the work concentrated in the September through November time period, but there could be additional grant work throughout the year. This is an all year program.

Legislative Chair

Serves as a liaison for all education related legislative areas related to PTSA.  It does require attendance at pre-set meetings and representation of TMS PTSA at these meetings.

Membership Chair

Update Membership form to be sent out first week of school.  Enroll families into the Timbercrest Middle School PTSA.  Greet families and receive memberships during the Open House/Pass the Hat in September that then must be recorded into PTAvenue. This program has a strong push in September and October, and is generally quiet the remainder of the school year.

Nominating Committee        

Each School Year a committee is required to help find and nominate our PTSA Officers for the following School Year.  Gathering candidates for nominations begins in January and February. Volunteer time is used on the phone and email.  This is a one-time program.

Northshore Schools Foundation Liaison

Liaison between TMS and Foundation to make sure each other is aware of important events and campaigns at school and the school is informed of Foundation grant opportunities and events

Pass the Hat Coordinator 

Pass the Hat is our biggest and ONLY fund raiser for the school year!  It starts off big at our TMS Curriculum Night in September.  Donations are collected in each den classroom after the informational video. This is one time event in September and requires some advance work in August (preparing the flyer) and early September.

The Coordinator will:

  • Provide a flyer to go home with students the first week of school publicizing the fundraiser.
  • Work with the School Web Leader to coordinate collection of the donations for this fund raiser at Open House.
  • Work with Video Coordinator who produces the video for Open House.
  • Prepare the “hats” and collection envelopes for each classroom.
  • Coordinate the collection of monies (after den period) from each web leader at the reception at Open House.
  • Publicize Pass the Hat at the reception at Open House
  • Work with the treasurer to help count the monies after Open House.

PTSA Awards

May include Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Service, Outstanding Advocate and Honorary Life Membership.

Reflections Chair                                                                 

This is an annual cultural arts competition sponsored by the National PTA.  Knowledge of art is not needed, only the desire to promote this rewarding program.  Volunteers are needed to publicize the event, arrange for community judges, awards and prepare different types of art for adjudication for the November competition.  Volunteer time can be flexible during two-month program, depending on availability and depth of involvement. This is a one-time program ending in January.


Staff Appreciation Chair

In addition to organizing the Staff Appreciation Week in May, volunteers develop other ways to say “thank you” throughout the school year. This ongoing program requires:  gathering dishes from volunteers and setting up the staff room for a monthly luncheon. Volunteer time for this worthwhile event is approximately 1-5 hours a month. This is an all year event.


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator updates the Volunteer form to be sent out in the August mailing through the school. On the form, volunteers may check-off areas of specific interest. The Coordinator then organizes all the Volunteer forms into a data base and then distributes those to the proper Committee Chair.  The Coordinator will also maintain the data base throughout the year and update the Committee chairs as needed. Create “Sign-Up Genius” links for various programs.

Digital Communications/Webmaster

A volunteer maintains the Timbercrest Middle School PTSA web site through updates and improvements.  This vital communication tool requires as much time as needed to enter all the PTSA information, Newsletter, Program Flyers and any other and all other PTSA information, into the PTSA Website. This position requires someone willing to be available to access a computer and input information on a timely basis. All year program.

8th Grade Party Chair (or 2 co-chairs)

Be a part of the planning for this very special event!  The event itself will reflect a collaborative effort involving students, parents and administrators views.  The chair will hold planning meetings beginning in October in which various committees will be formed to orchestrate this event.

Components could include:  Event location and reservation, Decorations, Ticket Sales, Communications, Entertainment, Volunteer Management, Finance/Budget, and Prizes/Procurement.  Because of the significance of this landmark event, a collaborative, group effort is required for its success.  This event will require a minimum of 5 parents planning and an additional 15-20 day of the event for set-up, breakdown and chaperoning. The date for the event is a mutually agreeable date to be held in June.

*Please note – Previous chairs are available to explain and hand over position to new chairs*

Elected – Executive Committee

PTSA President –Overview
The PTA president oversees the activities of the school PTA in conjunction with the other Executive Board members. The main role of the president is to facilitate monthly Executive Board meetings and quarterly General Meetings, interface with the school principal and staff with regard to PTA activities, and act as point person to anyone outside the PTA looking for information.

Vice President

The role of the VP of Programs is to oversee the chairs of each of the programs; Membership, Legislation, Emergency Prep, E-scrip, Reflections, Pass the Hat, Directory. The VP will be expected to attend monthly Executive Board meetings and quarterly General Meetings and to act as point person to anyone outside the PTA looking for information.

Vice President-Social

The role of VP of Social is to oversee the committee chairs of the social programs; Staff Appreciation, Volunteer Coordinator, Web Master, Nominating, Awards, 8th Grade Party. The VP will be expected to attend monthly Executive Board meetings and quarterly General Meetings and to act as point person to anyone outside the PTA looking for information.


The incoming treasurer should discuss with the former treasurer the status of current fundraising activities, what money is available to be spent versus what is owed and the bylaws as they relate to the treasurer’s responsibilities.

The treasurer is responsible for:
Ensuring that the PTA’s financial records are reviewed according to the bylaws before assuming duties
Having three authorized signatures on file at the bank for financial transactions, including those of the president, treasurer, and one other officer as an alternate (no two check signers should be from the same household)
Obtaining two authorized signatures on every check
Collecting all money from persons delegated to collect or to raise funds during a local unit activity, and providing a written receipt for those funds
Depositing all money in the name of the local unit in a bank account approved by the board
Maintaining an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements
Obtaining authorization from the board before writing a check or spending money
Remitting, by check, all authorized bills and statements as prescribed in the bylaws
Submitting a written financial statement at each board meeting and at each general membership meeting
Chairing the Budget Committee and preparing the annual budget as prescribed in bylaws
Reporting income and expenses as compared with the budget
Preparing an annual report to be used to review PTA financial records

The PTA Money Matters Quick-Reference Guide, available at, will help orient the treasurer to his or her main areas of responsibility.


The secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of association meetings. These records are the history of the PTA. Promptness, accuracy, and knowledge of PTA policies are key to this job. The secretary should be committed to helping the president conduct a businesslike meeting.

The secretary is responsible for:
Recording minutes of PTA meetings, with special attention given to motions (recorded exactly as stated) and action taken
Keeping secure official, permanent PTA records, including all originals of approved minutes
Maintaining a copy of current bylaws and standing rules, as well as the membership list

The secretary should have these items on hand at all meetings:
Minutes of the previous meeting
Copies of the previous treasurer’s report
List of unfinished business to be discussed
Current bylaws and standing rules
Current membership list
List of committee chair
Materials for note/minute taking

The secretary also may be given the responsibility of maintaining all PTA correspondence, including incoming and outgoing communications with members and notifications for all meetings. It is common for a local unit to designate these responsibilities to a corresponding secretary.